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If you’ve gotten through the first chapters and want more, here is a conclusion to the already begun encyclopedic glossary.


Bugenhagen: Nanaki’s (Red XIII’s) human grandfather. Extremely ancient mystic and reader of the cosmos, supreme elder of Cosmo Canyon.

Dio: rather eccentric owner and operator of Gold Saucer, and not coincidentally, the desert-prison underneath it.

Godor: reigning lord of Wutai. Yuffie’s father.

Rufus Shinra: ruthless young president of Shinra Inc., after the death of his father.

Shera: Shinra aerospace engineer. Cid’s significant other.

Places: It is a recurring theme in Final Fantasy Games that the evil empire, whether political or financial, devastates peoples lives, homes and even entire towns or countries, without any compunction whatsoever. In order of their appearance in the game, and Josey’s story, here are the towns ruined by Shinra, Inc. in Final Fantasy VII:

Corelle: (var. Corel) A town destroyed by Shinra, Inc. The coal miner inhabitants were suspected of sabotaging mako reactors.

Gongaga: near a ruined Shinra reactor. Only a few houses are left, next to a cemetery. Rumor (likely put forth by Shinra) were circulated that the coal miners of nearby Corelle were responsible.

Junon: Shinra took over the town to make it a major fortress, and to set a mako reactor in the ocean bed below it. The entire area has been tainted, especially the ocean. The adjacent fishing village is most affected, since the fisheries are gone.

Nibelheim: At face value, town appears normal, but a quick look around makes it clear that things are not as they seem.

Wutai: Still intact body and block, but its spirit was broken by the huge corporation during the Technologic Wars.

Other (relatively unharmed) Places:

Bone Village: excavation site on Northern Continent.

Da Chao: a mountain shrine, sculpted in the form of three war gods.

Gold Saucer: glittering amusement park, set high atop a tower in the middle of the desert outside Corelle.

Icicle Village: ski and snow-board resort area, at the foot of a huge glacier on the Northern Continent.

Rocket Town: hamlet in the middle of the plains of the Central Continent, noted for having a huge rocket, somewhat ready(?) for launch.


Adamantamai: very large tortoise with diamond-hard shell.

Gil: coin of the realm, gold piece.

Highwind: airship designed and piloted by Cid, then co-opted and retrofitted by Rufus Shinra.

Marlboro: mutant plant-monster, infamous for its bad breath.

Materia: naturally occurring magic. Mako in crystal form. Materia itself responds to use by humans, increasing in potency and replicating ad infinitum.

Shoon: battle shoe made from armor plate or chain mail.

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